Friday, 16 January 2015

Las Vegas Weigh in.. Heavyweights.

WBC heavyweight championship ...  6 foot 7 inch Deontay Bronze bomber Wilder weighed in at a staggeringly low 219lbs for his title shot at the MGM grand garden today, while Heavyweight Champion Bermaine Stiverne tipped in around a usual 239lbs. Wilder held court for a minute in the final presser yesterday telling Stiverne "He been walking round like he's been champ for years when he really just been here five minutes..  He just a transient champ, short term.." Stiverne held his own telling Wilder..  "you telling me I ain't seen nothing like you....   I have seen plenty .. Just like you.."   " when this fight is over, no one is gonna hear about Deontay Wilder for a very long time..  " the final stare down following the weigh in saw Wilder turn away first..  Observations : Wilder is a huge guy who usually comes in comfortable around 228..  219 is light for a guy who may purely rely on power..  Stiverne is looking unmoved at Wilders bravado..  Tomorrow is going to bring a fabulous and intriguing fight..

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