Saturday, 3 January 2015

Styles make fights.

Moments after beating Adrian Stone at Caesars in Las Vegas, Sugar Shane Mosley was trying to hype a more significant fight in the after fight presser in the garden behind Caesars...  Cedric Kushner produced an oversized cheque of $10 Million that he offered to Dela Hoya to make a huge fight happen after such an easy defence...  As this was taking place an unassuming onlooker grabbed to microphone.. Vernon Forrest asked .. Why not me??  Mosley laughed it off telling Vernon that the wouldn't be much interest in a Forrest v Mosley event...   Six months later Vernon Forrest schooled Shane and handed him his first loss.
Six months later the Viper proved that it wasn't a fluke by repeating the favour. Sometimes certain fighters have another guys number, styles make fights. Marco Antonio Barrera had met his match with Poison Junior Jones. Mike Tyson was outgunned in every department by Evander Holyfield.. Julio Cesar Chavez, on old version was no match for Oscar Dela Hoya.. Or Frankie Randall..

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