Saturday, 3 January 2015

Thell Torrence, learning from past masters.

I love to sit and watch a great trainer at work..  Former fighter, trainer and now promoter Thell Torrence comes from a long line of boxing royalty. Disciplinarian Jack Blackburn trained the great Joe Louis, who would share the ring and spar with Detroit lightweight golden gloves champion Eddie Futch..  Eddie would never turn pro for health reasons but would carry his knowledge into training fighters..  Eddie trained numerous world champions an would pass his teachings onto his disciples, he would work at the helm of Joe Frazier along with Yancey Durham and George Benton... Turning out heavyweight champions one after the other..  Larry Holmes, Kenny Norton, Michael Spinks and more.. Top trainers Freddie Roach, Hedgemon Lewis would work under Futch but Thell Torrence would work as immediate apprentice to Eddie with several fighters Riddick Bowe and Montell Griffin notably..  Thell knows boxing, he learned it from the very best..
 Thell is now a promoter at Platinum Promotions..

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