Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Olympic bombshell.

Groundbreaking news has broken today that AIBA will be changing their statues in order to allow fully fledged professional fighters to compete in the Olympic Games, from this Summer's Olympiad in Rio onwards.
AIBA president, Dr. Ching Kuo Wu has been quoted as saying,
"We want the best boxers to come to the Olympic Games. It is AIBA's 70th birthday and we want something to change - not after four years, but now.
It is an IOC policy to have the best athletes in the Games and of the international federations, AIBA is probably the only one without professional athletes in the Olympics..   I think it's a terrible shame that the pinnacle of the amateur aspect of our game has sold out..  Where are our ground roots boxers going to emerge from now, and for what will our sports youth have to strive for..   Terrible news..

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