Saturday, 14 May 2016

Opinionated Fury strikes again..

Outspoken heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has come under fire once again following a tirade of opinionated views on a recent interview video with his uncle Peter..  Fury who attracted heat to himself with sexist comments following his upset title victory last year in Dussedorf, resulting in a public apology at the BBCs SPOTY awards..  In this particular episode Fury began by answering proposed questions, read out by his trainer and uncle Peter, while relaxing following a training session..  Fury begins to talk candidly about the state of the planet, referring to himself lightheartedly as draconian in his way of thinking, as the video plays out he turns his focus towards people's attitude towards sex and sexuality, mockingly stating that certain socially unacceptable behaviour will soon be regarded as legal..  Fury stated that "it's now legal to marry your pets, and soon enough it will be within the law to have sexual relations with them."  Further throwing his views on homosexuality and trans gender into the mix by saying "I could throw on a dress and a wig and call myself Tysena, because that's the way the world is going now,"  referring once again to the transgender community as freaks of nature..   Fury suggested that not enough people stand up for what they believe, becoming governmentally controlled robots..   He and Peter turned their attention to Wladimir Klitschko and his response to Furys opinions, Peter first stated "I think Wlad seemed touchy about the comments as if they were directed at him personally," to which Fury added "It's because he swings both ways, and for those who don't know it, I'm exposing him now, he's shagging Berne Boente."  Tyson went on to criticise the system in which all of the banks and corporations are controlled by Jews...  Furys outbursts are very direct and controversial, and he consistently states that he's only saying what most normal people are thinking but don't have the balls to..   Tyson Fury has previously talked about moving to the United States, to an environment with more freedom of speech..   Like him or loath him, he is a very stubborn champion, in a position to set huge example to those aspiring to him as an icon..  I respect that a lot of what he says do voice the thoughts of a great number of people, but in voicing it, he does put himself open to huge criticism that may reflect in his career, he treads a fine line..  A silent Tyson Fury, just isn't Tyson Fury..

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