Saturday, 13 August 2016

Cuba's Lenier Pero beats Italy's Guido Vianello for a place in the 91+ quarters.

Cuban Superheavyweight Lenier Pero advances into the quarter finals tonight after a fairly one sided victory over the tall awkward Guido Vianello of Italy. Vianello looked impressive in his pre Olympic qualifying bouts in Baku, but couldn't find the remedy for the shorter southpaw on this occasion..  Pero is efficient in his work rate and kept the taller man off balance for most of the first round..   Both men's styles clashed during most of the bout, Pero throwing calculated counters as Vianello launched the wilder shots from range, the Cuban catching Vianello half way through the round with a single clean shot that forced a standing count, a chance for the exhausted Italian to catch his breath..  Pero did allow the desperate Vianello some success in the third, the trailing Italian looking to set up some heavy artillery on the illusive Cuban, but as time ticked by, Pero took further advantage of the tiring Vianello, winning all three rounds clearly..   Pero isn't the most dominant of the Cuban fighters, losing to both Fraser Clarke and Joe Joyce of team GB in recent tournaments..  But he showed intelligent skills tonight to beat the game Italian..

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