Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Laurent Clayton edges Erik Pfeifer in Superheavy upset.

The huge Laurent Clayton jr of the Virgin Islands scored a relative upset in the first round of the Super Heavyweight category today as he took a 2/1 split decision over Germany's two time Olympian Erik Pfeifer in a highly entertaining, action filled bout..  Pfeifer started with authority but found himself on the end of Claytons long jab throughout most of the first session ..  The more experienced Pfeifer looked to load up too often, but was unable to reach the younger Virgin Islander, who was deceptively mobile for his size..  Clayton took the first round quite decisively, with the second slightly more even..  It looked like the German would need a two point round to even the scoring in the last, and as advertised Pfeifer went loading up for a grand finish, outworking Clayton in spells but still walking into counters..   A jubilant Clayton celebrated a momentous victory, a fight Pfeifer could have secured had he not been content to eat too many punches in the early rounds..  Clayton, the stepson of former middleweight legend Julian Jackson looked quite basic, but effective as he stuck to a game plan that payed off..

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