Friday, 5 August 2016

Prince Charles Martin lucky to be alive following random shooting in LA.

Former heavyweight champion Charles Martin was shot in the arm earlier this week in Los Angeles in a random shooting by two unknown men who appeared to pick an argument with the fighter.
A passenger in Martin's car told LAPD officers they were in downtown L.A. around 5 AM Tuesday when two men approached the vehicle and got into an argument with the fighter..  According to the police report ... the men began to open fire, missing the fighter..  Martin is supposed to have got into his car and chased the alleged shooters, crashing into a utility pole.
Moments later the suspects returned and opened fire again. This time, Martin took a bullet in his forearm, the suspects fleeing once again, this time in a car.
Officers responded rapidly moving Martin to the hospital.
Martin says the officers saved his life, he was losing an awful lot of blood when they arrived at the scene. Martin says he doesn't know the suspects, and has no idea why they had beef with him.
One major difference in Martin's version of the story is he says he was trying to get away from the gunmen, not chasing them when he crashed.
The former IBF heavyweight who lost the belt earlier this year adds, he was worried the shooters were coming back to finish the job. He says he jumped in the bed of a parked pickup truck when he "looked down, and saw a pool of blood. I said to myself, 'I gotta get outta here. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna bleed to death.'"
"I have to pay respect to the cops. They saved my life."
Police haven't found the suspects.

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