Thursday, 16 November 2017

Las Vegas Cutman Rafael Garcia passes aged 88.

Extremely sad news to hear about the passing of veteran Las Vegas Cutman/second Rafael Garcia aged 88.. Garcia was Mexican born but made Las Vegas his home over 40 years ago, working with fighters like Roberto Duran, Alexis Arguello and Wilfredo Gomez. In the mid 90’s Garcia worked as caretaker, manager at the Top Rank Gym on Industrial road in Las Vegas, working as house cuts-man to most of their fighters.. I remember running into Rafael into almost every gym in town at one point or another, more specifically Nevada Partners Gym on Lake mead and MLK, and The Golden Gloves in North Las Vegas.. When Floyd Mayweather left Top Rank to set up his own Mayweather Promotions company and Gym, Rafael followed him and became a significant member of Floyds inner circle, wrapping the champions fragile hands and fulfilling cutman duties as well as maintaining a positive vibe around the camp. Garcia was not only the best at what he did, he was liked by everyone and cherished by those closest to him.. Rafael was Godfather to former Welterweight Champion Jesse Vargas and held a special relationship with the young fighter, there isn’t a fighter that came through the valley that never crossed paths with Garcia, he offered advice to trainers and fighters alike, with 70 years wealth of knowledge.. Fellow Cutman Jacob Duran said it best when he put Rafael in the same bracket as all time great Cutmen, Al Gavin, Eddie Aliano and Chuck Bodak, he will be sorely missed by everyone.. Rafael was stung hundreds of times by a swarm of African Bees earlier in the year, but had more recently suffered a heart attack and been diagnosed with Leukaemia.. He always appeared jovial and upbeat in the Gym, but was privately getting extremely tired and slowed down by health issues, Said Vargas, he was seriously ill, but rarely wanted anyone to know, it was the kind of man he was.. Rafael was the best. Rafael Garcia was inducted into this years Nevada boxing hall of fame and will be remembered as one of the States most prominent boxing figures..

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