Saturday, 23 December 2017

McCarter scores unanimous win over Hernandez in Mexico City, keeps Braekhus fight on course.

Former multi weight female world champion Layla McCarter 40-13-5 (10) travelled the 2000 Miles to Mexico City for the second time in 2 years to score her 40th Profesional victory on Friday night, earning a well deserved unanimous decision over tough 21 year old Erika Hernandez 6-2-1 in her opponents back yard at the Deportivo lazaro Cardenas sports centre ballroom..
The 38 year old who has held versions of world championships in the featherweight, super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight and super welterweight divisions was having her 4th outing in 2 years, having remained unbeaten for the last 10 years with 17 straight victories. Her opponent, a relative novice, was coming off her only loss to Jessica Camara last October in what was her first trip outside of Mexico in only a 2 year career. For McCarter slip-ups were out of the question , regardless of the opponents resume, with a huge 2018 dust up with unified Welterweight Champion Cecilia Brækhus ordered by the IBF on the immediate horizon.
Following a short glove brand delay issue in the ring the bout got under way with McCarter quickly showing her authority, forcing Hernandez onto the back foot, visibly shaking the local girl frequently, highlighting the gulf in experience.. To her credit Hernandez showed her grit in the second in an attempt to gain the visitors respect, landing with single shots, yet finding herself on the end of accurate counters towards the end of the round.. The action followed a similar pattern into the third, but with McCarter setting traps for the deliberate youngster, who predictably walked onto shots in an attempt to land anything significant.. The fourth proved to be an untidy round, with Hernandez unkempt tendency to repeatedly dip low cause several messy head clashes, McCarter enjoyed the cleaner success with the Mexican looking increasingly frustrated.. Hernandez opened round five behind the jab, but soon found herself reverting back to her rugged swinging, too often standing straight in front of McCarter, and being punished for doing so.. Hernandez failed to adapt into the sixth and continued to walk onto obvious counters, Layla occasionally lowering herself into a brawl, more suited to the Mexican, although coming out with the upper hand.. Layla boxed to orders at the start of the seventh, exposing the immaturity of Hernandez, dominating the action in every department, even standing and out-slugging the 21 year old towards the end of the round.. The American kept the majority of the action at distance throughout the final round, fencing at the desperate youngster, scoring with authority and far more frequency to earn what appeared a quite decisive unanimous win, keeping the Braekhus fight on course for the new year..

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