Thursday, 29 March 2018

Deontay Wilder opts to shun Saturdays unification bout in Cardiff..

With less than 24 hours to go before the WBA / WBO and IBF unification bout between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker takes place in Cardiff, the enormity of the electrifying event is well and truly sinking in for all concerned..  Except for WBC Champion, Deontay Wilder.. All of the worlds eyes are on the huge event, the press presence is enormous with most everyone viewing Wilder as a potential opponent for the winner of Saturdays bout.. It only seems obvious that the WBC Champion would attend to stake his case as custodian of the final piece of the unification puzzle.. Wrong.. Deontay Wilder whom is so eager to secure the bout didn’t even take up the offer of an all expenses paid trip to be an honorary guest in Cardiff, a decision that has staggered both Joshua and Parker’s people.. “It’s a PR disaster.” Said Hearn, “He wanted to dictate that he jumped in the ring after the bout to confront the victor,” terms that both Hearn and Joshua weren’t comfortable with.. “He could have sat as close to the ring as he wished, but it’s not hype we need, the fight is hyped, his presence would have allowed us to start negotiating a potential fight immediately, all we can think is that he’s being badly advised.” Wilder went from convincing the world that he was a major force by stopping the much avoided Luis Ortiz a month ago, to appearing incompetent as a serious interest in potentially the biggest heavyweight championship cleanup in 15 years.. Joshua’s mind is firmly focussed on Parker and likewise, while Wilder has no other immediate obligation, even making time to try to swerve a possible Whyte fight with a bunch of impossible conditions.. This weekends stage would have been the perfect platform for Wilder to announce himself in a business manner and make a serious attempt to court the press and voice his intentions.. A no show at an event of this magnitude is a serious black eye to the way his cause will be viewed as a stand up willing participant in the future of the unification proceedings.. Wilder as of tonight has made no moves to travel, and word has it that he has no intentions to, as a snub to Hearn and Joshua.. Such petulance could cost him a lot of points in the war to convince the public at a time when its most crucial.. Regardless, Saturdays fight is big news, with Wilders attendance an afterthought.

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