Friday, 27 April 2018

$50 Million offer to AJ.. Wilder “Anthony, the money is in the bag.”

Wednesday, WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder sent his long awaited counter offer to Eddie Hearns prior £12 Million proposal to make the Anthony Joshua unification fight materialise..

Deontay, in a Video message Started by addressing AJ, Mate! “I sent this personally this time just so there’s no miscommunication. Tell Eddie Hearn to let you personally check his email this time. BTW I sent your manager Rob McCracken the email as well. I’m looking forward to our meeting in the ring.”

Hearn and McCracken revealed yesterday that the message assured all concerned that $50 has been guaranteed to Joshua with a higher percentage assured if the fight grosses over $100 Million..

Hearn and Shelly Finkel were due to start more formal negotiations for the proposed fight over this coming weekend whilst Hearn was in New York for the Danny Jacobs card on Saturday..
Allegedly the $50 Million offer has a 24 hour deadline attached to it, which appears rather unrealistic when you consider the complexities of such a promotion..
PR stunt or not, the news has attracted huge attention and all involved on the Wilder side of things assure Joshua and his team that it is 100% legitimate..

If Hearn submits to the offer on Finkel and Wilders terms, it could mean the proposed fight would most likely head Stateside, restraining Hearns stranglehold on the promotional trappings..

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