Thursday, 24 May 2018

Broner goes public to expose Hearn ‘Slave offer’

Controversial four weight champion, Adrien Broner has recently taken to his Instagram page in an attempt to expose the terms of a $6.5 million, triple fight offer from promoter Eddie Hearn. Broner claimed that Hearn offered him a worse deal than an previous rebuffed offer from Roc Nation, made several years ago.. Broner attached the hashtag #SlaveDeal to his outspoken post followed by five insulting emojis. The problem with the situation is this.. Several years ago Broner looked a future all time great in the making with the increasing potential to emulate Floyd Mayweather as a financially affluent champion.. Unfortunately over the last 5 years, cracks appeared in not only his fighting potential, but his personal behaviour.. Broner flopped in a series of important bouts and has since struggled to regain momentum.. Adrien is currently coming off a loss to Mikey Garcia and a draw with Jessie Vargas, along with a disappointing outing with Adrian Granados and weight failure prior to a title fight with Ashley Theophane.. If Broner actually put his ego aside and looked closer at the offer, he’d realise that in consideration with his current standings, Eddie’s numbers were probably fairly accurate...
Hearn offered Broner 3 guaranteed fights with the following tier purses..

Fight 1.. $2,000,000

Fight 2.. $2,250,000

Fight 3.. $2,500,000

Hearn is looking to attach fighters to Matchroom after reaching a reported one billion dollar streaming deal with DAZN.

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