Saturday, 11 August 2018

Second tier heavyweight title bout, still scheduled despite unrest claims by King.

Despite claims by Don King that the bout between between WBA heavyweight champion Manuel Charr and Fres Oquendo is on shaky ground while both parties litigate, it’s been confirmed by Pat English, a representative of Manuel Charr that the bout will still go ahead as scheduled on September 29th and will take place at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. Charr is the lightest regarded title holder due to the existence of the WBA super title, currently in the hands of Anthony Joshua.. Claimant to the regular title is in all honesty a mere bargaining tool to step into a more meaningful unification bout with the ‘Real’ players.. Oquendo is the recognised challenger in the eyes of the WBA but has not boxed in over 4 years since his previous challenge for the same belt belonging to Ruslan Chagaev in 2014.. It’s a case of a desperate promoter, clutching at straws to scupper a bout between a transient second class champion and an over ranked inactive challenger who has no business as in a number one position.. Regardless, the bout is allegedly still a go, and Charr is still the recognised regular champ.

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