Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mercury Mike.. Hot property in 1986.

Mercury Mike Williams looked every inch the part as the next big thing in the heavyweight division in the 80's..  Boxing out of Houston Texas Mike would run up an impressive stack of victories over your usual record builders, James Tillis, Lorenzo Boyd and mike Tyson sparring partner Rufus hurricane Hadley before coming unstuck in his 14th outing losing a Split decision to Tim Witherspoon in 1987..  Unfortunately Mike would lose to every world class performer he would ever face... On the Tyson v Spinks undercard he faced Buster Douglas and was heavily favoured to emerge victorious.. Buster would knock mike down 3 times with jabs before knocking him out in his last significant fight..  Mike also spent time in camp with Mike Tyson giving the champ a black eye in a heated session that signalled his exit from camp..   Ironically Mike starred in Rocky 5 opposite Tommy Morrison..  But when the pair were due to fight for real in 1993 in Kansas Williams did a no show resulting in Morrison facing Tim Tomasheck from the audience in a farcical WBO title fight...  Mike retired in 2000 with a record of  22 wins and 6 losses with 14 knockouts..

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