Saturday, 3 January 2015

Spinks Holmes revisited..

For many years now I have studied the two highly controversial fights between Michael Spinks and Larry Holmes and came to the same conclusion each time... I am satisfied that Spinks did a lot of very clever work in their first fight, out working the naturally bigger Holmes in spurts and finessing Larry who appeared subdued at times. Ring generalship earned Spinks that monumental verdict in 1985. However, in their rematch a year later Larry second guessed Michael and upped his game, closing down the distance to nullify Spinks' momentum, doing what he should have in the first fight. Spinks got the nod once again, but I feel deep down that Larry regained his IBF belt that night...  Mike was gallant, but fell short second time around..  Nevertheless ..    Great fights..

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone on the planet had Mike winning the 2nd fight other than the judges and the Spinks corner. Terrible decision. It may be why Larry is such a bitter prick.